Upgrade my e6420?

I have an older PC I bought in 2007, running a e6420 at stock speeds, 2GB ram, and I upgraded the video card to an 8800 GTS.

I don't know how much I should trust the "Windows Experience Score", but the bottleneck appears to be my proc. I'm trying to keep this thing around at least another year, but it's obviously behind the times. I've looked at upgrading to an e7600 (only $120), but I want to make sure that's a good upgrade path. Also, would I be better off trying to overclock my e6420? Any other ideas would be appreciated!

EDIT: I'm using this system mostly to play games (On pretty low settings): Oblivion, Civ5, BFBC2, L4D2
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  1. Well overclock on the CPU would be free performance! You would gain speed with the E7600 but spending money on a good aftermarket cooler, that you could carry over later to a new system , and overclock the current CPU is the approach I would take.
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