office 2000 no go with xp

i just bought windows xp and tried to install office 2000 premium and i ran into some problems...after the paper clip help guy goes away i crash to the desktop...then everytime i try to start it after that i immediately crash back to my desktop...if someone knows of a patch or something that would prevent this i would appreciate it alot...also i have fully updated office 2000 and windows xp
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  1. i got office 2000 pro and XP pro, works like a charm.

    Try reinstalling it. Last time i updated office, each time i opened a .DOC, it crashed to desktop. So i left it non-upgraded after the install and it worked fine.
  2. I'm also not having any problems w/ office 2k in Win XP. No problems and it's quite stable, I would also suggest reinstalling. Somthing to note, a friend who had a computer with an inadequate power suppply for his hardware configuration (which at the time he thought it was adaquate) had all kinds of problems w/ XP. Many programs wouldn't run, constant crashes. New power supply made everything run like butta. Just somthing to ponder (most likely has nothing to do with your hardware setup, but it never hurts to check the basics.)
  3. Heh.. I once had this problem with office2000 pro on i think winME. i ended up reinstalling it without any cracks of any sort (of course using a version not of mine) and it worked. i think that's what i did, but i can't be sure. that did piss me off a good while
  4. If it's a cracked version then you may not be able to run it on XP or on any Win2000 SP2 machines. Microsoft cracked down on a few well-known serial numbers.

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  5. When I upgraded to XP and reloaded Office 97 it worked fine for me, but would crash under my wife's ID. I gave her system admin privledges, and now it works fine for her too.
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