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Udgrading from HD5670 to GTS 450


At the moment im using:

and im looking very seriously at:

I mainly want it to be able to run WOW at ultra settings which im not able to do with the HD 5670 (medium settings with shadows off), will the GTS 450 be able to do this or do i need to looking at the GTX 460 instead?

My rig:

i5 650 @ 3.2
4gb 1333
HX 650 Corsair PSU

Screen res: 1680x1050
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    You should be able to run wow max graphics fine, however, I think you should get THIS 450 -
    Its an asus with a 925mhz core clock, cheaper too. Not sure if newegg ship to the UK though.
  2. Hi Andy

    yes the 5670 is not a decent gaming card... if you just want to run wow full then the GTS 450 is well suited, gigabyte released a oc edition which is impressive to say the least .. as for the gtx 460 i own the oc edition and it is only a few bucks more than the 450 ...but than its all about personal preference.

    hope i was helpful

  3. Your specs are good, but can't you save a little bit and get GTX460 instead of GTS450?
    GTX460 is more powerful than GTS450 and good for a long term. I'm pretty sure you can maxed out almost everything at 1680x1050 with GTX460.
  4. I would love to get the GTX 460 but it would be a major overkill for what i would be using it for, I just dont think i would be using it to its full capability.

    Thanks for the info tho guys, Im gonna go with the Asus GTS 450 Top.

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