"ASUS Intel H67 B3" any good?

Blame it on age, job that takes up too much time but makes money less stringent or whatever but I've finally succumbed and decided I'll buy a prebuilt computer rather than assemble it myself. Most of the components seem pretty good but the one I'm wondering about is the mainboard. It uses an Asus H67 B3 board with a i7 2600k CPU and a GTX580 GPU. Is that mainboard good/decent/bad and anything in particular I should be cautios about?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It's ok; it's the power supply you should worry about on pre-built systems. Unless you see one of these brands, I would start saving for a better one. Antec, corsair, seasonic, enermax, xfx and ocz are good. Stuff like powman, coolmax, raidmax, etc could fail unless they are one of the high wattage units built by ocz and seasonic.
  2. If you're looking at Dell....plan to replace the power supply....

    The only drawback to an H67 based board is the lack of ability to overclock...but, if you don't intend on overclocking, it's not really a drawback.
  3. The PSU is a Corsair 600W. I'm not intending to OC for a while but from what Ive understood the CPU is really well suited for OCing so I had toyed with the idea of perhaps doing it in the future (2+ years or so, depending on how CPU-dependent programs and games are by then)
  4. That power supply will work fine with your system. If you ever want to use an ssd, change your board to one that supports sata 6. If not, then stick with your current asus board.
  5. It should already have 2 sata III, at least according to the specs and Asus website (provided I'm looking at the right card there, I think I am)
  6. You are correct. Your board is so new that I couldn't find the specs.
  7. BTW an H67 wont support the overclocking on the Intel® Core™ i7-2600K. In order to change the core multiplier on the "K" you must be using an P67 or Z68 chipset based board.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  8. Oops, my bad. It's an ordinary i7-2600 rather than a i7-2600k. I remembered it wrong and typed it on my phone (due to having no computer since my old one fried and the new one hasn't arrived yet) so I didn't double check the specs until now. Yeah, I won't be OC'ing anytime in the near future so I might just get a new CPU when the time comes I feel I need more power.
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