Two systems one monitor,what to do?

I bought a dell S2309W a while back.I was using it with a system consisting geforce 9600gt,recently I found my old pc consisting fx 5200,I was hoping to hook the sytem of fx 5200 with the monitor along with the system of 9600gt.

The s2309w has both dvi-d and vga inputs,and fx 5200 has a vga output and the 9600 gt has dvi-d output.My question is that can I use both the systems simultaneously with the monitor with out doing any damage to it?Lets say both my systems are running and hooked with the s2309w,so basicaly I can switch one system to other using the monitors builtin input selection menu.But feeding the monitor data from two different systems simultaneously might damage it or so I fear,as I am no expert in this field.

I don't want to use a kvm switch if the built in function works with out damaging the monitor.Any help regarding this problem is welcome.
thank you.
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  1. Im pretty sure thats not possible. How about you try combining the best bits of all the PC's into one?
  2. I'm not sure it will work but you can try it. I don't believe it's even theoretically possible for plugging both in to damage the monitor.
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