Need help with new homebuilt computer

Like others on here, my computer won't boot. I've already tried the steps provided on the forum. Monitor does not show anything. This is what I have:

MSI p55-cd53 motherboard
Intel i5-760
Sapphire Ati Radeon HD 5850
Corsair XMS3 4gb 1333mhz (currently sitting in DIMM4)
Raid Max RX-730SS PSU 730W

someone please help?
thank you.
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  1. Sorry, forgot to say:
    when i turn the computer on, everything is running, i heard a sound, and two of the CPU_Phase LEDs are on.
    i do not think my motherboard is defective at this point, because it still seems responsive (lights are on, etc).
  2. update: i forgot the system speaker. after i plugged it in, and turned on my computer, i heard 3 long beeping sound. i changed the memory to another slot, and now i get 1 long, and 2 short beeps, which apparently means video errors. what should i do?
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    Make sure your power supply has two connections going to your motherboard. One is the ATX rail and the other one is 8pin/4pin connection.

    Did you also make sure that the CPU fan and heatsink is installed correctly?

    Then make sure the graphics card has been given two x 4pin power supply connections.

    Seat your memory back in DIMM01 slot. It should work.
  4. As said above. Also make sure your graphics cards is FULLY seated. 1 long, 2 short is code for a display adapter problem.

    But I think 3 long beeps is a keyboard/input error.

    I'd double check EVERYTHING. Shouldn't take you long. Make sure everything is seated...RAM, GPU, Processor, heat sink properly installed, all power supply connectors.....
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