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I am looking for a System Layout of what I will need for a New setup. This will not do any gaming. Stricty an Solidworks, AutoCad setup. I read other forums and either they wanted to spend more or it was a gaming/solidworks setup. And I do not want either. trying to stay more practical

I would like to stay around the $1500-$2000 mark just in the case. I have the monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. SW models could be up to 200 in some cases.

I have been readin about the AMD 6 cores, but I can not figure out if those will out perfrom the I7's or not.

It does not matter where I order parts from either.

My boss would prefer us getting laptops for traveling with, but as far as specs they are more restricted I think or am I wrong? If so what is a possible laptop to run SW as well.

Thanks ahead of time for helping me out.

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  1. ^ First off, you should make sure that the apps that you will be using are highly multi-threaded, then only the 6-Cores would have a good advantage over the Quads,...
    Also I have seen that many 3D rendering apps favor higher clock speeds more than number of cores,...

    Both the i7 and the 1090T(This setup would be cheaper overall) is very much possible within the lower-end of the budget,...
  2. So what am I looking at for parts. 8-12G of memory, 1000 watt power supply, Quadro 2000 ( I am not sure how good this card is for $400), and correct me if I am wrong then, but a prossesor speed is more important that the amount of cores? So a 3 Ghz is better to have than a 2.4 Ghz ?

    I buildt a super gamer at home with raided GTX 295's etc, but for a work station I know I do not need all that so thats why I am asking for some insight on a better setup for at my workplace. Although my gamer at home can rock SW no problem, I don't think my boss would like the price tag on it lol. So part advice would be appreciated as I am not really sure what a work station needs.

    Thanks, Jess
  3. ^ Why do you need a 1KW PSU ??
    Here is a complete build -
    i7 950 + ASUS Sabertooth X58

    Mushkin12GB DDR3

    ATI FirePro V5800 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 - IMO this is a better buy than the Quadro 2000 unless you have any other apps which use CUDA,...

    CM 690 Advanced

    PSU - Why you need a 1KW PSU ?
    This would be a very good option IMO
    Antec TruePower New TP-650 650W

    SSD -
    OCZ Vertex 2 120GB

    HDD - Maybe 3 in RAID 5

    Or BD Combo

    Total - ~$1500-$1600
  4. Thank you, with the 1kw PSU, i was reading some other posts and some of them had the 1kw listed for their system. Now the ATI Firepro is not supported by Solidworks. I am not firmiliar with the firepro at all. Does it offer the same stats as a Quadro?

    I missed it but what do I need teh SSD for? Additional storage? with 3 raided 1TB's? Confused here lol
  5. ^ From where did you get the info that the FirePRO is not supported ?? In their website it says otherwise,...
    Select Any System Vendor and in graphic card vendor, you can see the FirePRO cards,...

    SSD - For the OS and main apps -> They significantly reduce the boot times and app load times,... Read about them more so that you would get an idea,...
  6. Is there any laptops out there that are powerful enough to run SW well?
  7. Mejj80 said:
    Is there any laptops out there that are powerful enough to run SW well?

    yes but you might blow your budget,to get a laptop with that above mentioned desktops capabilities will surely push you over 3000
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