Q, which laptop RAM should i get for my lenovo g570

ok guys so i ordered this RAM
from newegg for my laptop, and then newegg screwed up the order so after some nice persuasive talk via chat, they are giving me a courtesy credit of 15$(wich woulda been mail in rebate hassle!!) + 8$ (b/c of the coupon)
Which equals 23$ towards my next RAM purchase.. i have the lenovo g570 with the B950, and 3gb ram From previous FP deal on slickdeals. Any suggestions what ram to buy now? i want to pay between 25 and 40 after my coupon(if it'll really be good ram and noticeable difference, i do a lot of office work.. with publisher, word, power-point, a little photo and video editing sometimes..) i'd love to hear your suggestions i'd like my computer to fly, it's max ram is 8gb. apparently.

i saw this adata ddr3 1600 pc3 12800, cas latency 1.35v(?) but there's only 5 reveiws,

here is their 8gb (2x4gb) section.

p.s. i know the cas latency is better lower, is the voltage better lower too?
(if i understand correctly that'll mean it performs at the standard guaranteed at that lower voltage?)
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  1. I can't get your links or mine to work. Newegg has some kingston 204 pin 2 x 4 gb 1333 ddr3 for around $42. I've seen this quantity of ddr3 laptop ram as low as $25 recently after rebates. Black friday is only 8 days away, so I would wait if you live in the usa.
  2. i cant wait till black friday..
    also i was thinking of getting the higher ddr31600 RAM pc3-12800
    http:// ww w.n ewegg. com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007609%20600000401%20600000410&IsNodeId=1&name=DDR3%201600%20%28PC3%2012800%29
    i saw there this
    G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Laptop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBSK
    for $59.99
    so with my 23$ coupon it'd be 36.99
    now although i've seen deals online and i can still use my coupon to get RAM for 25$ or under, those have all been for 1333mhz and pc3-10800
    so basically is it worth it in terms of noticable difference, to use the more expensive or should i just get the one you suggested or similiar and pay 19$ after coupon..
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    No. Your board is oem; there's no bios adjustments for the ram speed or overclocking on a lenovo motherboard. Faster ram will still run at 1333 on your board, which is the proper speed.
  4. so basically the best ram i can buy for this computer is ddr3-1333 pc3-10666?
    ok so i saw this
    and i think it comes out to the best deal?
    any thoughts?
    thanx so far you saved me buying more expensive ram uselessly :) thanky you! :)
  5. Yes. The gskill will work fine; I use this brand in my desktop. I worked at IBM for 12 years building printed wire boards for motherboards and servers. IBM sold off it's computer business to lenovo. I know all about their computer stuff. Lenovo has some good laptops.
  6. Here's a newegg ram promo code that was listed for some corsair laptop ram, but it sold out. This code may work with other brands: EMCJJJE28.
  7. thanks
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  9. btw how did you figure out what type of ram my computer supports? i have 3 other computers in my office that i'd like to upgrade the ram on?
    i figure i have to check by checking the motherboard but i'd love to know where i should check so i can help mysekf in future and help others,..
    also you said there's no overclocking on this board cause it's oem, is that a general case? is there a possibility of hacking the motherboard at all? even if it's hard?
  10. The specs for your board are available if you do a search. Oem boards don't come with many bios adjustments. The manufacturer's don't want you to adjust a setting that could cause a no post situation. They design these systems and boards to be cheap and reliable, and some are very specific about the type of ram that they will run with. They aren't designed for cpu or ram upgrades; they prefer you to buy a whole new system than keep it forever and keep upgrading.
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