PC can't fit internal PCI wireless card, need reliable option

I bought a netgear n300 today from best buy, only to find that because I have 2, dual space cards, there is no possible way that I can get a PCI wireless card in there (couldn't even get it into the slot with only 1 card in anyway..)

So I need another option, I have a free PCI express slot and a ton of USB 2.0 ports and 2, USB 3.0 ports

these are some of the products I've been looking at but I don't know what will give me the best performance


any other options would be more than welcome

thanks guys
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  1. You may find you still get better compatibility with an n adapter of the same brand as an n router. I would research that -- it was certainly true at one point, though hopefully things have improved.
  2. I'm sort of beyond that point now. I got the netgear PCI adapter because it's the same brand as my router, but because I can't fit it into my machine due to my SLI setup. I need another option, and the netgear USB adapters I looked at just looked like over expensive junk, and they don't make PCI-E adapters.
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