Ati hd radeon 5770, intel i5

Hi, would like some advice regarding gpu's...

i currently have 1 ati-hd-radeon 5770, my processor is an intel i5 650... would adding a second 5770 in crossfire be too much for my processor?
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  1. Fine with your CPU. What size and brand is your PSU?
  2. it's currently a Powercool 750 W Modular Power Supply, (PC750UM)
    I could always upgrade it if I need a better one...
  3. I just figure I'd be better off with 2 5770's, than a 5850.
  4. Size wise you are fine with 750watts although it is not a recommended brand. 2x HD5770 will not push it to the limit. 2 x HD5770 will rival HD5870 in performance.
  5. Ok, thanks for that, very much appreciate it :D
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