My cat went inside my PC and now i have many problems


Earlier today i opened up my computer to admire my wonderful cable management. I then felt a little peckish so I went downstairs (leaving the case side window off) and indulged in some cheesy comestables. I then went back up stairs to admire some more of my cable management, but as i looked at the innards of my computer i noticed my cat was inside it, licking what i thought to be my cpu cooler. I then thought to myself 'What the ***?'. I then moved the cat out (i also think my northbridge and been licked to). I am very worried because my computer now keeps crashing and my cat cant walk properley and it groans now and again, as i write this it just sits their motionless staring at me. I am very worried, anyone care to give me some advice? life is hard.

Thanks guys
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  1. Take your cat to the vet. Check all your cables maybe redo them.
  2. How's "don't leave your computer open around pets" for advice? Or how about "don't own a cat"? Or "finish any job you start"? Or "don't just open a computer to look at it"?

    If you mean on what you should do to try to fix it, I'd start by making sure all of the cables are properly connected. After that, I'd make sure the heatsink is properly attached. Then closely examine everything the cat could have possibly touched for any signs of being bent/broken. If you don't see anything amiss, you'll need to start running some stress tests to know what's failing.
  3. 1. get cat to vet
    2. dont leave anything exposed to kitteh curiosity if you value it/ its dangerous
    3. wait a day or two to see if the probem with the pc persists.
  4. Thanks guys i really appreciate your help in this time of need. I think there's a puddle of wee in my computer but im to scared to check.
  5. jilky said:
    Thanks guys i really appreciate your help in this time of need. I think there's a puddle of wee in my computer but im to scared to check.

    You should probably check because having urine sit around isnt the best idea. Also, around pets you shouldnt leave your computer open. As for your cat I dont really know what is going on there.. Was you computer on when he was licking it? He could have gotten shocked, either way you may want to take him to the vet.

    I agree with Moto, keep the PC off for a day or two than tur it back on, hopefully any moisture should be gone by then.
  6. Ok this is Best-Of material if I've ever seen it.

    Take your kitty to the vet if you're worried. Sounds like it might have had issues before it's endeavor, judging by the licking of the HSF. I'm no veterinarian though.

    I'd rebuilt the whole thing carefully, looking for bare wire, mostly. It's possible kitty kitty thought it would be fun to bat some wires around, and could have possibly removed some insulation, or pulled wire from a connector.

  7. Best trolling I've seen in a while.
  8. hammond said:
    Best trolling I've seen in a while.

    Yes it made me lol.
  9. Are you for real? My cat can't walk properly and is moaning! What should I do? Someone please tell me! Get a pen and an piece of paper and copy this: TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET! DO IT NOW! Then take your computor to a repair shop and never, never, never open it again.
  10. Vet wont have a magic cure for a possible electrocution or foot/nose stuck in fan...

    Wait a few days....use the $500 saved from the vet bill on a new MB/CPU combo! :)
  11. This is a beautiful bit of trolling... well done, sir. Well done.
  12. lmao. I agree with mdd1963. Wait a day to see if your cat improves.
  13. pics or it didn't happen.
  14. I sure hope all you "wait a day" people don't have pets. If you found your child eating or licking a possibly poisonous object would you wait a day?
  15. Hate to add to the redundant comments, but there's not much that can happen in there besides electrocution, which though dangerous, doesn't get worse as time goes. So unless you think your cat jumped and broke it's leg when electrocuted, save the vet money, your cat will be better tomorrow.

    As for computer, look for stripped wires, broken edges, scratches, etc, or take it in for inspection/repair.

    Finally, anyone else think that this original post may be faked just to get some trolling going? I would think that the steps to take after this incident would be common sense.
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