What do you all think of the 5830?

I've read reviews, and I know it's not as good a card as perhaps the 5850 or 5870, but in general what do you guys think of it as a card? Does it still handle most games on high settings?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    its too long in length, too power hungry for its performance, runs too hot, priced too high, and gets it's butt kicked by cheaper & better GTX 460 768mb...other then that its fine

    go for the ATI 5850 or GTX 460 1GB if you game at 1080p resolution, the GTX 460 768mb is more then enough for 1680x1050

    But without comparing it to other cards, how is it? Would it be fine to play at 1440x900?
  2. How well would the 5770 do it? I don't plan on overclocking but I just wondered if it would be more than capable.
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