Which should i upgrade first?

Okay I was thinking about upgrading my pc
I have a budget of around $150 USD

here is my system:

CPU: i5 750 @ 3.6GHz
Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-PRO
RAM: G SKILL 1333 4gb CL8
Graphics Card: HIS 5830
monitors: 2x 22inch at 1650x1050 resolution
OS: windows 7 64bit

Should i replace the ram with a G SKILL 1600 8GB CL9 set OR should i get a SSD?

If i get the ram then i could sell my old set so total cost would be lower, but would upgrading the ram make a noticeable improvement?

What if i upgraded to a SSD instead? Is 40GB really enough for say just windows 7(15GB?) and one game (around 20GB)?
So i would have used 35GB out of 40, if only 5GB is left as free space would that affect the SSD performance and lifespan?

Should i wait for the new Intel G3 and the new sandforce controllers? Anybody got some information about the prices of these new drives?

My system already uses 40% of the total ram while idle with just the web browser open.

I think under the heaviest usage scenario i would be playing a game + steam chat + live tv/or live tv recording + antivirus scan + web browsing +(maybe) excell
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  1. Rams not the problem and you wouldn't notice anything going to 1600. Waste of money as is a small SSD. The weak spot is the video card. Keep your $150 and wait until you have $300 and do a real upgrade there. Think along the lines of more than a gig of memory on board. I used to game at 1680x1050 and sometimes needed more than a gig of memory on my video card. Been down that road. 40% @ idle is nuts. I'd make reasonable adjustments.
  2. Have you considered a third monitor for eyefinity?
  3. Did you notice the 4GB vs 8GB not just the frequency difference?

    you need more than a Gig of Vram now? since when? All my games play fine at 1650x1050.

    The 40% ram usage is with the Logitech LCD manager+ Logitech G-series key profiler for my G15 board and and the app for my G930 wireless headset plus avast antivirus is on

    Have you considered a third monitor for eyefinity?

    I have but my games don't support it, Dragon age works but i hear there are glitches involving not being able to see the cut scenes and the dialog selection not working properly and MW2 - well it just stretches the picture. Main reason i got a second monitor is so i can watch tv and surf the net.
  4. Monitor might be fun, but my SSD rocks! Check this out: OCZ Agility 2 OCZSSD2-2AGTE60G 2.5" 60GB for $100.. Comes with its own 3.5 in. to 2.5 in. adapter.
  5. the main suggestion I'd have is a better GPU. rather thanm replace your current ram, just get 2 more sticks of the same 1333 RAM if you need more. Should be ~$50.

    I'd suggest a 6850 or GTX 460 as the gpu, but those are $20-40 higher than your $150 budget
  6. I would double the ram. You probably won't notice the difference if you get the 1600MHz but if you add another 4GB's you should see the difference in performance. Normally 4 gigs is enough but if you're using 2 gigs just for idle operation whenever you do something that likes memory usage you're only getting the 2 gigs that are at idle. The SSD would be nice to have but again, you probably wouldn't notice the difference unless you're benchmarking. If you had enough to get 2 SSD and ran them in RAID you might see a difference but it's hard to tell. And yeah, I think 40GB is kinda small for doing much. I don't see anything wrong with the Video card, it should be putting out plenty of FPS. Why is your resolution set at 1650x1050? Is that the best your monitors can handle? That card should be able to run them both at 1920 X 1080. But if you think the video card is the way to go you could always add a second HIS 5830 and run them in crossfire mode, (if your power supply can handle it). I see it on newegg for $189 but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere. If you decide to add another 4 GB of memory just make sure what you have is

    F3-10600CL7D-2GBPI (1337-7-7-7-18) 1.65

    F3-10600CL8D-2GBHK (1337-8-8-8-22) 1.65

    F3-10666CL7T-6GBPK(XMP) 7-7-7-18(1333-7-7-7-18) 1.5-1.6

    F3-10666CL8D-4GBHK(XMP) 8-8-8-21(1333-7-7-7-20) 1.5-1.6

    F3-10666CL9T-6GBNQ 9-9-9-24(1333-9-9-9-24) 1.5
    These are the only G-Skill I saw that is compatible for all four memory channels according to ASUS' QVL. G-Skill has a configurator of it's own but I noticed on the bottom that it says guaranteed for 2 dimm slots so you're kinda taking a chance if you use their configurator.
    So that's my recommendations.
  7. My cpu and memory is overclocked - I read that some people were having problems when they used all 4 slots for ram. Plus a 4GBx2 set would leave room for upgrades in the future.

    I plan to keep this system for another 2-3 years if that is relevant.

    Is 40% of 4GB really that high with just a browser open? what is everyone else getting?

    -About the video card, I don't plan to upgrade it till atlest the 6xxGTX or 7xxx series comes out or probably 2012

    note: i only game with 1 monitor
    Also power supply is corsair Hx620 (620w)

    Why is your resolution set at 1650x1050? Is that the best your monitors can handle?

    These are the older type 22 inch monitors
  8. That is a bit high I'd say. I'm running Win7 x64 with a few tabs (youtube, toms, facebook) open, utorrent and Steam, and I'm using 1.13/4.
  9. If you like the 4GB sticks the only two I see ASUS recommends is the SAMSUNG M378B5273BH1-CH9 which I can't seem to find and the KINGSTON KVR1066D3N7/4G that you can FIND HERE for anywhere from $50 to $100. And it's listed by ASUS as being supported for all 4 dimms. I didn't look to closely at the link but I figured I would give you a starting point.
    I have 12 GB's in two different systems and 4 in my laptop and they all use close to 2 GB's for idle processes also so I think that's normal. Vista was/is the same way. Lots of things running in the background. Unlike XP and the earlier operating systems, but it's also common nowadays to have much more memory than you used to. Shoot, when XP came out having 2 GB's was outstanding. But these new systems are built to expect you to have AT LEAST 4 GB's of ram. Sorry, yeah, using 2 is about normal. Oh and usually the people having trouble with using all four slots of ram are people who didn't check the QVL lists when they purchased it. Some sticks are only supported in 2 DIMMS while others are supported in all four.
  10. Okay i looked at the QVL list and there was a lot of triple channel kits for G.skil ram and then i found this post so either way i can't upgrade if i get the 1600mhz kit

    The motherboard manual states "According to Intel spec definition, DDR3-1600 is supported for one DIMM per channel

    So i can either get dual channel 8GB or go triple channel??? This is just making me more confused.
  11. triple channel is i7 x58 boards only (1366 chipset). Stick with 1333 and go 8 GB that way (either 2x4gb or 4x2 gb) having 4 slots filled can affect overclock, but usually you lose top end. if your stable now, you'll probly be stable with 4 slots, unless you're right on the bleeding edge of stability
  12. The memory I suggested is 1333MHz for the first one and 1066 MHz for the second one. I followed the link you posted and the memory listed is not even on the asus QVL that I could find so I'm not surprised it didn't work like the OP expected when he tried to add the second set. When you look at the QVL follow the lines all the way to the right and if all three columns have dots in them then it will support all four dimms. It doesn't matter if its dual or triple channel. Dual channel means the CPU will read across 2 dimms simultaneously like it's one stick and then the other 2, (in a 4 stick configuration) - and triple channel means it will read across 3 dimms simultaneously like it's one stick and then across the other 3 sticks, (in a 6 stick configuration). When you look at the list you'll notice that some of the triple channel or 3 stick kits will work in all four slots, course you have to buy 2- 3X2GB kits and then you'll have 2 sticks left over so that's a waste. If you want the 1600 MHz memory there is plenty that is compatible for all 4 dimms. This one - G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-2GBNQ will work and it's a 2 X2GB kit at the 1600 MHz speed. It's the only dual channel at that speed from G-Skill but there are quite a few others also at the 1600 MHz speed. Like this CORSAIR \BoxP/N:TW3X4G1600C9DHXNV (CM3X2G1600C9DHXNV)Ver4.1 will work great and these OCZ OCZ3P1600EB4GK 7-7-6(1333-7-7-7-20) 1.8 have better timings and will of course also work in all four dimms. These are guaranteed by ASUS to work in all 4 dimms so that means they already tested those model numbers and found they work. There's no guess work involved. The only thing is which memory you like better or how much you're willing to spend. There is even this OCZ OCZ3P2000EB2GK 2GB(Kit of 2) SS 9-8-8(1066-8-7-7-20) 1.8 that runs at the 2000MHz speed and will run in all 4 dimms, of course they are only 1 GB sticks so if you buy to kits you get only 4 GB's but it's just an example of the higher speeds that WILL run in the 4 slots. So if you say what speed and brand you would like I'm pretty sure we can find something for you.
  13. ScrewySqrl said:
    triple channel is i7 x58 boards only (1366 chipset). Stick with 1333 and go 8 GB that way (either 2x4gb or 4x2 gb) having 4 slots filled can affect overclock, but usually you lose top end. if your stable now, you'll probly be stable with 4 slots, unless you're right on the bleeding edge of stability

    If triple channel is x58 boards only then why is on the QVL for my motherboard?

    i don't mind 1333 or 1600 as long as the timings are inline, CL8 for 1333 and CL9 for 1600 or tighter timings.

    I'd prefer G.skill ram i'm kinda pedantic about voltage (1.5v or less)
  14. This is the fastest G-Skill memory that will run @ 1.5 volts. G.SKILL F3-10666CL8D-4GBHK(XMP) 4096MB(Kit of 2) 8-8-8-21(1333-7-7-7-20) 1.5-1.6. HERE at ebay for the next 2 days.
    As far as the triple channel goes it's listed on the QVL because it will work on your board. That's what that list is - compatible memory. If you only have three sticks it can only run as dual channel because your processor only processes dual channel. But it will still use the extra stick because it will read and use all populated DIMMS with compatible memory. However, if you use OCZ OCZ3G1600LV6GK 6144MB(Kit of 3), (as an example), and try to use all three sticks it will only read 2 slots because that's all that's supported for that particular memory. The third stick might even prevent your system from starting or cause constant crashes because of the incompatibility.
  15. No 2x4GB kits?
  16. There are alot of 2x4g kits. Sounds like your system just needs
    some fine tuning. Be patient, it takes time. You are on the right track.
    Thanks for posting, this is a great discussion.
    Question: What are your goals for system functionality?
  17. jockey said:
    There are alot of 2x4g kits. Sounds like your system just needs
    some fine tuning. Be patient, it takes time. You are on the right track.
    Thanks for posting, this is a great discussion.
    Question: What are your goals for system functionality?

    I meant any 2x4GB kits on the QVL that i can upgrade later to use all 4 dimm slots

    I don't know if you are being sarcastic or not :??:

    This is mainly just to make my system faster in general and stay as fast while multi-tasking. I don't know i think got used to this speed, plus i just got the upgrade itch :whistle: lol
    It has been a year since i built this system.
  18. No sarcasm intended. It's late for me right now, been on-line most of the day. Will do some solid research on this subject tomorrow.
    "If it has it's own memory, and you still plug it into the wall; you are going to have problems".
  19. Can't find any kits of 2 X 4 GB but you can buy 2 single 4 GB sticks HERE and HERE for about $120 for both sticks and upgradeable later if wanted. It's the only memory listed on the QVL as a single 4 GB stick. Like I said, just buy 2 sticks at the same time from one of the above mentioned vendors and save them in your favorites for a later purchase. Kingston is a good brand and they have the 7-7-7 latencies and run at 1.5v. so other than them not being pretty they will do exactly what you want. And as ScrewySqrl mentioned, you might want to decrease the multiplyer if it doesn't run stable with your overclock at first.
    Ignore the earlier link, I mentioned I didn't pay much attention to it and when I checked it today it is pretty sad, sorry. These new links will take you where you need to go for them.
  20. They both don't have heatsinks, using 4 of them on the motherboard would get pretty hot wouldn't it? Aren't dual kits better because they are matched pairs or something?

    Do the QVL get updated after new ram comes out or are they just the ones that are tested when the board is released?

    I think I just save this money for games or a ram upgrade later if I get to 95% ram usage or more.

    Thanks guys
  21. Yeah, they will probably get hot but they make fans that fit over them for that. And it's supposed to be better to get the paired kits but I have put together several different comp with 2 different kits and they still work fine. The QVL's Almost never get updated but I think the configurators like G-Skill and Corsair's do. I don't think there will be much chance down the road for any 2X4GB kit(s) for your board. If you want you can still add a second 2X2GB kit for 8 now.
    Glad we could help
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