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Hiya all. I got a GT250 1 gig ddr3 card. You probaly all know that one.

Its an ok card but my question is, does my A8N32-SLI DELUXE from asus bottle neck the card?

Specs mainboard is:
ddr1 memory (2x 1 gig ddr 400 kingston dual channel)
Cpu: Amd 4200+ (2x 2200 mhz / 2 x 512 kb L2cache).
Nforce 4 chipset
Im thinking that this card should run faster Im even getting low fps with 3dmark 2003 and 2006.

Any one knows whats minium cpu reqiresments are for this card?

Thanks in advanced

ps this board still is awsome:)
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  1. There might be a slight bottleneck. If you can overclock your CPU you can reduce it.
  2. I agree. That's a pretty old CPU. The GTS 250 is basically like an old 8800 GTS 512MB card performance wise. An older dual core like the AMD 4200+ is going to be a limiting factor, as is your whole system likely.

    I had an A8N32-SLI board myself back in the day. :) Was a good motherboard. Actually, I think I have two of them sitting on a shelf, and a couple AMD 3500+ CPUs too. Come to think of it, I also had a 4200+. Though mine would not overclock to save it's life. :(
  3. Thanks for the replies, ye I don't wanna clock lol. It works pretty awsome still:)

    Edit: Think I put a 4800x2 in it, since has dubble the cache and a little gain in mhz.

    I found one for only a few euro, so ye why not. ( max cpu supported by my baord, unlless its a opeteron or fx cpu:/ but to hard to get lol)

    Again thanks all.
  4. 4800+ for a few euro is a good deal! You can probably sell the 4200 for more.
  5. I own a GTS 250, on the back of the box it came in its says that it recommends a Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 so you most likely will get a bottleneck.
  6. For the intrested onces. I checked my CPU 'score' and that one, wich was requirerd/reconmended.

    My Cpu amd 4200+ Score value 1133.
    Reconmended: Intel Core 2 duoE7500: Score value 2109

    Seems I'm like at 40 a 45 % of what it needs.

    Planning to get amd phenom 965or 955. Thoose scores are arround 4200.

    Btw, nice forum, should of joined this website since the year 2000.

    Got a feeling i missed much, since im a hardware freak as well:)
  7. Welcome to the forum. :)

    The score difference between the Core 2 Duo and AMD 4200+ is no surprise. They're generations apart for one, and the Core 2 Duo uses a much, much better architecture.

    An AMD Phenom II (stay away from AMD Phenom without the "II" designator) is a great idea. The X4 955 and X4 965 are very good quad core CPUs that can be had fairly cheaply these days. However, I'm fairly sure those would require a new motherboard. I think they only fit Socket AM2+ and AM3 boards. Your old motherboard I think is a Socket 939. Also, depending on the motherboard you choose, you may or may not be able to use your existing RAM.
  8. Yes, you're correct jereence.
    Amd x4 core doesnt fit on this board.

    I just meant that im going to get a new system.

    I am a big fan of Asus, Amd, nVidia , matrox (am aware matrox is kinda zz now) And inferno/kingston always. But I keep support them. They always where their for us/me
    And never letted us down.

    Don't even wanna think a world w/o amd or nvidia...... Should always have competission, between al.
  9. Cool. Just wanted to make sure you knew the difference. You never know. :) You'll be glad for the upgrade when you get to do it. The newer Phenom II X4's are a ton faster than what you have now.
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