Dual Boot Win7 and WinXPPro SP3 - no connection on XP

Have installed a dual boot system. Main HD Win7 64 bit ....2nd HD WinXP Pro SP3 32 bit

Wireless Router Dlink G604-T

When I chose WinXP at boot start up I get an invalid system disc error. Press enter and computer boots to XP (not sure if this is relevant)

Have internet access on Win7 and also from my laptop wirelessly, so know the router is working

Cannot get ANY access from WinXP. Can't set up the router using Windows Explorer as per the instructions in the manual.

Do I need to add something, change a setting????

Very frustrating as I need to use programs that use WinXP and will never be supported or updated for Win7 and need access to the internet. Downloaded and installed XP3 (and saved and updated) as per another thread, but that didn't help.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Have you installed NIC drivers?

    What is the status of the NIC? Does it have an IP assigned?
  2. When you installed these OS's did you install Win 7 first or XP first? Im not sure if that affects anything like this, but you have to install from oldest to newest. (I.E. XP then Win 7)
  3. Yes, installed Win7 last


    I checked what drivers Win7 had in Device Manager

    Downloaded the same ones except for WinXP

    Rebooted in WinXP, loaded them up and WALLA...instant internet connection

    WOO HOO problem solved.

    (they were Nvidia drivers...the card is not Nvidia, but it worked so I don't care)

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