Can a router "repeater mode" an external antenna signal?

:ange: :sarcastic: (reposted from another thread)

Can a router in repeater mode only bounce signal from another router or can it also extend EXTERNAL antenna signal?

Wired (cable) WRT54G V3.1 connected to Cisco Aironet (13.5db) on roof via LMR400
sending decent signal inside CLOSEST END of shop building 300ft away.

Can another WRT54G V.6 or a WAP54G V.2 (I have both extra- which to use if this is possible?)
in repeater mode bring the signal on into my laptop at the far end of shop?
Direct line of sight with a window in shop on a hill in very (NO security issues) rural area.

Bought got this problem figured out with a little more help from you geniuses. THANKS! D
If this is not my answer- what is? :o
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  1. "Can a router in repeater mode only bounce signal from another router or can it also extend EXTERNAL antenna signal?"

    Have you tried reading the literature which came with this equipment ?
  2. No lit for either of the 3 (WRTs or WAP) but have read internet forums and Linksys and even Cisco info
    till my head is swimming :pt1cable: *:}
    Hoping to find someone who knows the answer here. Thanks, D
  3. My head is swimming from your animated smileys especially as it's 4.20AM here in UK. You should find manuals on the Linksys site.

    The reason I asked is that from your question it's not clear whether you are talking about using a wired link between the units or whether they both support WDS, so that you could use wireless between them.

    Basically, you question is confusing -- perhaps because you are not clear as to the function of this equipment.
  4. I did read both Linksys manuals and Cisco manuals online.

    I have cable modem wired WRT in house
    I have an external yagi on roof attached via coax.
    My laptop in shop 300ft away picks up signal near window but not deep inside shop.
    Can another router in "repeater mode" at the window "read" the yagi signal and bring it into the shop to the laptop?
  5. If both wireless devices support WDS -- this may be mentioned in the specs.
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