Upgrading PSU and Graphics Card

I'm buying a pc and I wondered:

If I get the 5770 would 450W be enough?
If I get the 5830 would I have to upgrade? Would 600W be enough?

I'm afraid I don't know the brand of psu, it just says the wattage and then 'Quiet 80 Plus Dual Rail PSU'. I don't really know much about power supplies, so please keep answers easy to understand. :whistle: :D
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  1. For a 5770 450W is ok - set as the standard system requirements to run it: see link below


    If you want to overclock it and/or your CPU then I would go with a 500W or 550W.

    For a 5830 then 500W or 600W if you want to overclock it and/or your CPU:


    Might I add if you are willing to get a 5830 it may be worth the extra 50 odd quid and go for a 5850. Up to you mate.

    I personally recommend Corsair PSU's

    Hope this helps
  2. Thanks guys, I'm not really a hardcore gamer, more of a low to mid-level gamer. :)

    So do you think I should choose the 5850 with the 600W or the 5770 with the 450W?
    Th 5830 would sort of be stretching my budget, but I don't know if the 5770 would be enough to last for a few years with 450W.
  3. i would say get the 5850 unless u can wait a week and see what the prices will be when the new generation of ATI cards is released.

    Swedens biggest computer website (Sweclockers.com) have posted preliminary prices of the new cards and according to those u will get a 6870 for the same price that u get a 5850 for today.

    Note that this is PRELIMINARY prices in SWEDEN and they may change and/or be different in your country.
  4. ct1615 said:
    the ATI 5850 actually uses less power then an ATI 5830, so a solid 500w will do the job

    So 600W is enough for the the 5830?
  5. Meh1995 said:
    So 600W is enough for the the 5830?

    600W for a 5830 should be enough yes.
    i have a Corsair TX650W to run my rig and then i have overclocked i5 and 5850CF.
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