I'm having trouble finding the right UPS for a new PC

I'm going to be getting a new PC at my office and I'd like to determine an appropriate UPS for it. Moreover, I'd really like to know -how- to make that determination. I've tried plugging some numbers into the APC UPS Calculator, but I'm getting results starting at $400+ and that just doesn't seem right. All I want is ~10-15 minutes of power in case of an outage.

PC: HP All In One 200 5020
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  1. I use a Cyberpower 900W unit in a mid-high end pc and get a full 40 min back-up time.
    I'm very happy with it and recommend Cyberpower.
    I agree with mosox that a 650VA would be fine for your application but looking at current pricing you can get a better unit for a good price.
    The back-up times listed are very conservative imo.
    I'll bet you'll get at least 20 min with one of these.
  2. awesome, thanks for your help everyone.
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