Xfx ati radeon 4870 crossfire with biostar ta790gxe 128m

Hi does anybody know if i would be able to xfire the ati 4870 with the TA790GXE 128M mobo because the manual says at 1 stage it does support xfire for that card and at another stage it dosnt support it in the same manual!!:(
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  1. You can crossfire a dedicated video card and a motherboard but you cant crossfire a 3 series and a 4 series.

    Evenm if you motherboard had a 4 series ATi graphics card the 4870 would be downclocked to the performance of the onboard card and you would end up losing performance. It would be better off running the card by itself.
  2. Tnx for da reply and would i be able to xfire 2x 4870's on the mobo??? It says so in the manual and at another time in the same manual it doesnt support both cards and now im confused because ive gotta buy me a new card in the next few days and i would really like to xfire on my mobo further in the future! if i'm not able to xfire 2x 4870's on my mobo i hav to chose between the following cards: ati 4870 or da 4890, Nvidia Asus GTS450 Cu Top!!! PLz help!!!
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