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My father needs a new system for work and has two Samsung 997DF CRT monitors.


I offered to build a new one from scratch and ended up around $500.00. The requirements are not high since he just needs it to run windows 7, internet explorer and microsoft office 2003.

Given this budget range, what could we get that would also allow for an external CRT monitor plug in for dual monitor support?
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    This is a dual monitor card for 20$ after rebate. Its a good card will handle all windows 7 effects and minor gaming on low quality. I've run metro 2033 on this al be it at low quality and 800x600 res. It has the dvi and vga. It should come with a dvia to vga adapter allowing for both crts to plug in. Most mobo disable the onboard video when graphics cards are installed but gigabyte boards tend to have that option to allow it to remain on.
  2. Nice nice find man this could work. I'm just afraid the system he has doesn't have any PCI slots. Do you know if there is one like this able to fit an AGP slot?
    The best i could find for AGP was an older style geforce 6200 Wich will work fine for workstation dual monitor. Absolutly no games though. This is about par with most moderm integrated graphics. It appears that manufacture arn't making many of these cards. I used to be able to buy the 8400 for AGP but now i can't find it anywhere.

    I did find the geforce 8400 for Standard PCI slot.
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