Pc build help. this or that?

hello in about 2 days i'll be building a pc from newegg and i could really use some help. first time to actually build a pc.

for the motherboard i'm stuck on 2 choices

or something of the same price.
and the choices for cpu

ram is 2x2gig 1600 a-data
everything else is already chosen or i already own. thanks a lot.
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  1. Go with the Athlon II X2 Dual Core the athlon II X3 Tri-Core is OEM meaning its not gonna have a cooler. and go with the MSI board since it has core unlock and a 3 year warranty.
  2. i might go for gkay09's suggestion not sure. lol now i have another question. would a 430 watt psu be enough for http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102871&cm_re=5670-_-14-102-871-_-Product
    with that build?
  3. ^ Model number ?
    But in general a 80+ certified high quality 300W would also be able to handle a PC with that card without much issues, but I would stress High Quality there...
  4. lol well is an antec bp430 high enough to make up for that?
  5. ^ For a setup with 5670, that PSU would be fine,... but I wouldn't try powering anything more powerful with that PSU though,...
  6. ok, lol just trying to save as much money as possible and i already have the psu =P. if i spend too much money might have to skip the video card. i'm poor so i can't afford and amazing pc
  7. ^ ;) well you dont have to be rich to enjoy gaming,...
  8. lol thankfully. i wonder if i'm gonna be blown away by my new build compared to my old pc XD. and for only a little under $300, just amazing
    but i wish newegg had stores like walmarts everywhere so i could get the same prices in person XD
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