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Lower 9800 GTX usage while gaming


Is there anyway to lower my GPU usage not the cpu or temp but the GPU processor on the 9800GTX+, it seems to hog quite a bit of my usage while gaming. Any sugesstions would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. Why on earth would you want to do that? Isn't that what you bought it for, because it is powerful? It's not bad for it to be at 100% usage while gaming... that is what you want for better framerates, after all. If for some reason, you want to lower power usage or temperature, I guess you could underclock it, but that totally defeats the purpose of having a powerful graphics card...
  2. Well good point, but I thought it slows down the game if it overheats while using more power from the GPU?
  3. Turn your fanspeed up then.
  4. Have you cleaned out the dust if it is running hot?
    How hot is it?
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    Turn on v-sync in your games.
  6. How do you know if it is overheating? what temperature is it getting to. These cards can get to 80 degrees before the fan decides to kick up the speed.
  7. Plumble said:
    Have you cleaned out the dust if it is running hot?
    How hot is it?

    I have cleaned out the dust and it doesn't get that hot but GPU usage goes up to 100% and slows down my games
  8. It is not slowing down your games if it is at 100%. Something else is.
    What games? What are your system specs?
  9. jryan is making a very valid point, if the card is at 100%, it is work flat-out. Perhaps you have set your games too high.

    Your GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit. If that slows down, the game slows down.
  10. I would only be worried if it was NOT running at 100% during gaming. although if it IS running at 100% at idle then something weird is happening.
  11. what if u use your 9800 GTX in an air conditioned room
    that is a well cooled room
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