ASUS P8Z68-V Pro question need help

Before i go out and buy this board tomorrow can someone tell me if the thermaltake frio link here : can fit on this motherboard without blocking anything or touching anything
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    I have this board with the hyper 212 and the cooler comes right up to edge of the first ram slot, and that is the bigger side where the cooler fan is at touching. The ram fits but just barely, I just moved it over to next slot, as I only have 8gb ram(all your ever need for many years). U can compare sizes for the thermaltake to to see if fits. If the cooler does cover up one ram slot u still have three left, so that 12gb of memory you can still fit.

    BTW I was going to get the Thermaltake myself and went with the hyper 212 because it has comparable performance but Hyper is way cheaper.
  2. thanks for the response
  3. No problem.
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