Will this PC play final fantasy XIV at max setting w/ 2048x1182 res?

-i7 950 OCed to 4GHz
-6GB corsair dominator 6GB (3x2GB) 1886MHz
-2x radeon HD
6970 (2GB each= 4GB gddr5 vram) in crossfire
-i have a 128GB SSD that my OS games and apps would be on
- the other parts are also high quality total price was like $3000 in shopping cart on newegg
-this is home assembled.

so could this system get 60FPS at 2084x1182 res with max settings.

i think it would but idk final fantasy 14 is apparently a demanding game

i know SB will be out soon but i will adapt my hardware when it does
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  1. instead of 6970CF Go For GTX 580 SLI
  2. 2x 580s in $300 more than 2x HD 6970s. will i really see that much more performance with 2x 580s.
  3. I'd get 570s in sli above all the rest, but 6970 CF is very good aswell.

    BTW if this doesn't max out FF 14 I don't know what will.
  4. Quote:

    Nice job cherry-picking the charts where the nVidia cards had the greatest advantage.

    You might want to look at the other charts as well.

    Or, you know, looking at the scaling info, since the OP is looking at a CF/SLI configuration:

    Oh, and not reading the conclusion (note that the resolution the article recommends the 6970 at is closer to the OP's desired resolution):

    As for the Radeon HD 6970, it should be selling for $20 more than a GTX 570. Based on its display outputs alone, that makes AMD’s card worth the Andrew Jackson to me, personally. Otherwise, the two cards trade blows, with the GTX 570 faring better at 1680x1050 as AMD’s Radeon HD 6970 retains more of its performance at 2560x1600.

    Note that some benchmarks even show CF 6970 outperforming SLI 580s (though it's obviously not representative of all games):

    To be clear, my recommendation would be to buy whichever SLI/CF setup provides the best value at the time you buy (possibly taking advantage of deals/combos/MIRs/whatever), whether that's 460s, 570s, 6950s, or 6970s. Just don't only look at one set of charts and expect that to be representative of the entire picture.

    OP, there appears to be a FF XIV benchmark tool, you might consider seeing what other people have posted with similar-ish computers, though they're probably not running at your resolution.
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