No display to monitor with new mobo and ram

I just bought a new mobo, MSI 890FXA-GD70, processor, and ram. However, when starting my comp there is no display on my monitor. my ram is cmxg4gx3m2a1600c9, the corsair gaming series. I was doing some research and realized some memory may be specific to intel or AMD mobos. With that being the case could it not be working because it is specific to an intel board because my mobo is an AMD board. On top of that, would my nividia 465 card not be working correctly because it is socketed to an AMD mobo?

Also, my psu is the thermaltake 850 watt black widow, so that should not be the issue. And no there are no beeps when starting the comp. Please help!!
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  1. i believe i connected everything right. however, i just noticed my big top fan isnt running, does that suggest a problem with the wiring? and no, there is no gpu integrated onto the mobo, so it should be able to read my card.
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