T180 radeon 5770

Would a radeon hd 5770 fit into an acer aspire t180

I already have a 1000w psu
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  1. It very likely will but be careful that the card you get is PCIe version 2.0 not 2.1 since the 2.1 has had issues with motherboards with version 1.x slots which is what I believe you got.
  2. Cheers rolli, appreciated that was one thing I wasn't looking out for.

    And dadiggle, it's a brand called high power there supposed to be ok, the 1000 I got retails at £200 and managed to get it off eBay for £15, so a bargain really.
  3. Did you ever get this to work? sorry for reviving such an old thread.
  4. I have a motherboard from T180 (nVidia EM61SM) and HD5770. The computer does not start at all. Looking for solution
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