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$650-700 system

Hi All,

Planning to build a new system in time for christmas, my 6.5 yrs old AMD 2800+ isn't doing much now and it seems to be dying.

I don't normally game perhaps due to my PC not being able to game nowadays but I would like to have something which can play games on it if I buy some games in the future not necessarily at the highest settings but playable.

I am using a 19" widescreen with res of 1440x900. most likely to purchase a 23-24" LED sometime early - mid next year.

Main things I do on my PC is surf the net, watch downloaded TV, word, excel.. the boring stuff...

I have a budget of $650-700 but the less I spend the faster I will buy a bigger monitor.

Don't need OS, and optical drives, monitor, speakers, keyboard mouse etc.

I will be buying my parts from brick and mortar stores in Hong Kong so any combo deals wouldn't be useful.

Don' plan to OC as I want the PC to last a good 4 years, my current one did the job quite well.

I will put the value of the parts I am getting here in Hong Kong $ as well as USD

I will be running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit


CPU: (mainly depends on how much I have left as I see not much difference between them from benchmarks)

AMD x4 955 HK$1077 USD138
AMD x4 965 HK$1230 USD158

HD: Wanted a Samsung F3 but its nowhere to be found here.

Western Digital Black 1TB 64mb Cache HK$650 USD80


Adata Gaming Series DDR3 1600 2GBx2 HK$396 USD51


Thinking of the Sapphire 5770 or if I have enough money a cheap 460 but it seems out of budget.


There are too many to choose from, I want something stable OC capabilities don't mean anything as I won't OC or SLI or xfire etc.

ASUS M4A87TD USB3 HK$790 USD 101

or a ASRock870 Extreme 3 HK$685 USD 88

The only problem is my current DVDRW drive has only an IDE port and that mobo doesn't I could save a bit on the Mobo but would have to buy a new DVDRW drive. Worth it?


I got no clue, I guess I would need about 500W to be safe?

Any recommendations?


Something generic so I am going to leave about HK$300 USD39

any help here would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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    Not sure about prices where u at but USD $650-700 i could really slap on a mean machine so suggest u cut down to

    500GB Hdd
    700 series mobo

    to hit at least a GTX 460
  2. prices are similar the only problem is I don't have any combo deals or mail in rebates.

    I get all my prices from this website

    It has a drop down menu for different categories and then a list of all the products (graphics card is under VGA)

    What sort of rig would you make for my range of US$650-700 (I really want to be as close to 650 as possible)?
    main things I want would be to have the AMD 955 and mobo with USB 3.0

    1 US Dollar is about HK$7.78 just for a rough idea, the website has all prices in Hong Kong Dollar

    I don't game much but if I can fit a system which would be able to do everything else for a few years without sacrifice and have a GTX460 it won't hurt...

  3. This was what i suggested yesterday via email for 16/16 955BE + HD 6870 capable config $700ish on Egg


    So factoring no bundles/combos you be looking at

    870/SB850 if u must have USB/SATA 3.0
    4GB DDR3
    HD 6850
    I would hit at least a 500W/80+ Certified
    3R-120 casing
    HDD/ODD of chioice
  4. Tht build is over my budget already without canceling the combos and mail in rebates...

    I thought the GTX 460 was beating the HD 6850 in most of the benchmarks, why the sudden change from one to the other? Do AMD CPUs (Ati) have any conflicts with Nvidia cards?

    I think to make cost lower I could go for the ASRock M3A770DE AM3
    or the
    ASRock 770 EXTREME3
    the Extreme 3 has USB 3 and Sata 3, its a bit more though... and both have IDE connectors so I can connect my DVDRW and wouldn't need to buy a new one.

    Any brands in particular when it comes to graphics cards or anything is fine depending on deals or combos?

    Same question for PS, I have a coolermaster 460W but i believe it could be inadequate say 550 - 600W for my build? Suggestions on which one?

  5. Nope they are even with the HD 6850 far more efficient power-to-watt If u need CUDA then i'd hit the GTX 460 though ^^

    HD6K: single/CF review

    As for the Radeon HD 6850 however, things are much more lopsided in AMD’s favor. It’s give and take depending on the benchmark, but ultimately it’s just as fast as the GTX 460 1GB on average, even though it’s officially $20 cheaper. And at the same time it draws less power and produces less noise than the GTX 460 1GB. In fact unless the GTX 460 1GB was cheaper than the 6850, we really can’t come up with a reason to buy it.

  6. ok thanks the 6850 it is

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition

    Western Digital Caviar Black WD6402AAEX 640GB


    Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB

    Still considering depending on my $$


    A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600


    ASRock M3A770DE AM3 AMD 770

    If the board isn't available in Hong Kong as I will be buying from Brick & Mortar shops then I woulld go for the below

    ASRock 770 EXTREME3


    Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W


    ASUS DI-A6850C1 EAH6850 DC/2DIS/1GD5 HK$ 1,540.00 USD198
    Gigabyte GV-R685D5-1GD HD6850 w/HDMI+DP+DVIx2 PCI-E 1GB DDR5 HK$ 1,460.00 USD188
    HIS HD6850 w/HDMI PCI-E 1GB DDR5 HK$ 1,430.00 USD184
    MSI R6850-PM2D1GD5 HD6850 w/HDMI+DP+DVIx2 PCI-E 1GB DDR5 HK$ 1,500.00 USD193
    Sapphire HD6850 w/HDMI PCI-E 1GB DDR5 HK$ 1,490.00 USD192
    XFX HD-685X-ZNFC HD6850 w/HDMI+DP+DVIx2 PCI-E 1GB DDR5 HK$ 1,480.00 USD190

    The prices are the prices I am getting them for just to help with the selection process.

    They all are very similar prices just different brands. Which of those should I get?

    Basically thats it, let me check the exact prices from stores to see if the difference between the 1TB and 640GB is worth the price difference and the ASRock motherboards.

    Any last minute critiques would also be appreciated as I will purchase the parts on Monday.
  7. Which HD 6850 would also depend on distro support in HK for the various brands and as for hdd i would go WD Black these days - Samsung F3 500GB/1TB?
  8. I will to check the warranty for those 6850s and the CS etc.

    but assuming everything is the same what would be the choice?

    Not too sure what you mean about the HD, did you mean you wouldn't go for WD Black and go for the Samsung F3?
    The problem here is I haven't found a place which has the F3 in HK. From what i gather the WD Black is the next best thing. If i do spot a Samsung F3 I would definitely get that instead. Is there something which compares to the F3 but which isn't the WD Black and in similar price range?

    Also I called the main PC shop and they don't have the ASRock M3A770DE so I will be going for the 770 Extreme 3.
  9. I kindda like MSI Cyclone/Froz cooling solutions so if distro support is good , i'd hit thse ^^ I meant for the performance/$$ F3 Samsungs edge it vs WD Blacks

    You could also check these mobos out for low cost/no multi GPU

    MSI 870-G54
    Biostar T-Series 770/785
    Gigabyte 770/785
  10. wow new mobo choices..

    all seem to be more exp then the ASROCK Extreme 3... any reason for those ?

    the MSI and Gigabyte and within reach I guess , the Biostart brand I havent seen here in HK.

    any advantages of the MSI or Gigabyte over the ASRock? something worth extra 10-15 USD?
  11. Nah i'd say that Asrock is good to go ^^
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  13. Hey, I have just gotten all my parts, will be building the pc this week.
    Also want to give a huge thanks to Batuchka
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