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Hi there. I recently build a new computer, and everything worked great. Everything installed nicely, nothing out of the ordinary. Installed windows and basic stuff on it. Watched a few youtube videos, surfed the web with it, great. That was about 3 days ago.

Today, I installed SC2 on it, and ran it on full ultra, 1900x1600 no problem. Fast forward 2 hours, I was playing a game of SC2, when suddenly, the whole computer just turned off by itself. At first I thought it was just a loose plug or something, so I replugged in the power cord(s), and pressed the power switch.

When I do, the computer seems to turn on. All the fans spins, the hard drive spins, the dvd drive opens/closes, GPU fan spins. However, I'm not getting ANY thing on my computer monitor. I turned off the computer, and plugged in the monitor to my laptop to see if it's a monitor problem. I unplugged the VGA cable from the desktop and plugged it into my laptop. Boom, screen pops up. So I know it's not a monitor problem. I tried again with the desktop. Still no image.

What happened? Did I burn something? When the computer crashed the first time, I took a peek inside the computer. I touched the heatsink (stock heatsink that came with my 955) and it wasn't hot or anything. I touched the ram, and it was warm (not hot). I opened the other side of the case about 5 minutes later and touched where the CPU is suppose to be, and it was a little warm.

What could be the problem? Could someone direct me as to what I'm suppose to do? I'm going to sleep right now and going to wake up and try again. If someone can tell me exactly what procedures I should be following in this case, that'll be great.

Here's my computer specs:
Case: Antec 300
CPU: AMD 955 black edition (w/ Stock cooler included)
GPU: evga GTX 460 768mb superclocked
Ram: Corsair 4GB XMS3-1333 TWIN3X
PSU: OCZ modxstream-pro 600W
Mobo: ASUS m4n75td
Hard-drive: Seagate 7200.12 1 TB
DVD drive: some LG drive.
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  1. Start here. It will walk you through troubleshooting your issue.

    READ BEFORE POSTING: Buyer's Guides and Troubleshooting

    After completing all the steps, if you are still having problems, report back and we will go from there. Some of the steps it sounds like you have already done. This guide will help you find out which part is causing the problem.
  2. Do you have another vid card to try?
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