What does post code "AE" mean?

Hello, I've just built a new system with a Biostar TP67XE mobo, Intel i7 2600k, and a GeForce 550 Ti graphics card. I've also got a 120GB SSD (unformatted) hooked up, and I was hoping to get into the BIOS and confirm that things were working. However, whenever I power the system on, the LED display on the mobo runs through 20-30 codes, then stalls at "AE". I can't find a description of this code anywhere, except a single forum post where apparently the guy decided that it was an issue with the 550 Ti. So I tried putting my old 9600 GT in, no luck, same code. I also get the same code with NO graphics card installed.

I'm at the end of my rope tonight, and Biostar's tech support is only open during working hours... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  1. Have you tried to get through POST without the SSD or any drives connected just to see if you can get into the BIOS setup?
  2. "AE" apparently is a UEFI code meaning "Legacy Boot Event".

    Why this wasn't listed in the Biostar manual I have no idea.

    Legacy Boot Event apparently means "can't find a boot device".

    Of course, I could have avoided all of this pain if I had just plugged the monitor in...

    New monitor, didn't register the lack of any LEDs or anything indicating it was in "plugged in but powered off" mode.

    Anyway, code "AE" shows up when the BIOS is showing "Cannot find boot device" on the monitor. I just hit DEL and changed the first boot device to the DVD drive, and the Windows installation started right up.

    I'm going to leave this here as a testament to the #1 rule of debugging: "is it plugged in?"
  3. Glad you are up and running, and willing to come back here an post your shameful mistake, thanks we appreciate it! Good luck and enjoy your new build!
  4. This helped me because although I was plugged in to a monitor that was turned on, the HDMI must have worked itself a little loose on the monitor. When I saw the post I checked the HDMI monitor connection and then the monitor showed me the error. In my case it was saying the saved configuration wasn't right and did I want to change it. I was changing a motherboard on an active system. I am now going though system starup repair and hopefully I won't have to do a whole re-install.
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