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Hi im builing for a friend and he wants me to build a budget photoshop build, problem is we live in South Africa most components here are overpriced so I cant really give the budget in dollars and the place we are ordering from only stock a few brands, he has R5500 to spend but he needs a monitor as well. The place stocks

most gigabyte, msi and intel motherboards

intel and amd cpus

samsung monitors

geil, corsair and transcend ram (think il go for transcend ram as its the cheapest)

gigabyte, thermaltake and Aopen PSUs )think il go for a gigabyte odin 585 watt as its cheap and has a good warranty)

seagate hdds

gigabyte and thermaltake cases (think il go for a cheap gigabyte case like a gigabyte x7, x8 or x9)

I can give you an idea of the prices here, here are a few sites in SA





now the place we are ordering from does not have a site and it is a bit cheaper so you can go over budget up to R6000 I think. Only choose products from the brands I mentioned above

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  1. ok stretching the budget im thinking of these components

    AMD® Phenom™II X6-1055T - 2.80GHz Six Core, Socket AM3, 9MB, HyperTransport Bus, 45nm, AMD64 Support, 3 Year Warranty

    MSI AMD 880G and SB850 Chipset - Socket AM3 @ FSB5200MHz -DrMOS,APS,OC Dial,MAS FSB,M-Flash,All Solid Capacitors,All Shielded Choke

    Transcend® JetRam™ High-Performance 2GB DDR3-1333 240-Pin Module : CL9, 6-Layer PC Board, Life-Time Warranty

    GIGABYTE® X2 ATX Chassis - Black - Side Vented Panel - 4x 5.25" & 6x 3.5" Bays - Tool Free Design - 1x 120mm Fan - No PSU

    GIGABYTE® ODIN 470W 24-Pin Power Supply, 4 Molex & 4 SATA Power Connectors, Intel LGA775 Ready & Approved, Includes Power Cable

    SAMSUNG® BX2035 LED LCD - 20" Wide, 16:9 HD, 1600x900, 2ms Response Time, 5,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 250cd/m² Bright - D-SUB, DVI

    Seagate® Barracuda™ 7200.12 Series - 500GB Serial ATA II (SATA2) Plus - Serial ATA 300 (3Gbps) With 16MB Cache @ 7200RPM - NCQ
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