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2nd monitor won't display

Hi everyone. I have a Geforce 8600GT on a Dell Vostro 200. I have been running it with dual monitors (Dell 19" and Samsung 40in HDTV). For some reason the HDTV is now saying no signal and my computer sees it (tells me that I have 2 monitors) but when I tell it to clone or extend my desktop it won't work anymore. I have all the latest drivers and when I run Linux it works but its bugging out on me for XP for some reason. Any ideas?
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    Roll back to the earlier drivers, the new ones seem to be causing everyone to loose the second screen.....The problem has not yet been resolved but the there certainly seems to be a glitch somewhere in the new driver when it comes to supporting the old second monitors or teles that we are using.....
  2. reinstalling drivers isn't working. I reformatted and it worked for a day but it abruptly stopped working. I didn't install anything and it just pooped out.
  3. FIXED!

    I installed Windows 7 (thanks Dell for having Windows cds that work across all Dell computers) and installed all the latest drivers and that fixed it for some reason.
  4. Told ya, there was a driver glitch somewhere....:) well, glad to hear that....
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