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Hey Guys,

Just a quick query,

Just what kind of performance can we expect from the new 600 series (6850 and 6870) to start with.

Im running a sapphire 5970 which set me back 460 quid, so im a little curious as to how good the 6800 series will be. Will these first cards of the series out perform all 500 series including the 5970 ??

Put simply does anyone have a any ideas as to the performance of the 6800 series compared to 5000 series cards?

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  1. Due to a confusing change in the naming scheme, the 6800 series cards are the new mid-range cards. The 6900 series cards will be the high-end comparable to the 5870 and your 5970. The 6870 will not perform anywhere near as fast as your 5970.
  2. The dual GPU card of the series, the HD6990, won't be out until December and is the only card that will beat your HD5970.
  3. Agree with jyjjy, your current card is already FAST enough and the only one that could beat your card is HD6990...
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