Help with what size and brand of PSU.

Mobo: ASUS P5G41-M LE
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93ghz
RAM: 4 gig
PSU: Thermaltake 400W
Sound Card: On-board
Video Card: On-board (but will be changing out to a dual monitor with HD shortly)

Problem is, under a decent workload the PC will just blank out, not restart, everything just goes black with no response from any input device. I have to physically hit the reset button to get it back up and running.

A few of my other PC's have done the same thing and it's always been the PSU. So this time I want to get a decent one because I'll be changing out the Video card in it shortly.

So, what do you all recommend as far as Size (wattage) and brand?

Thanks all!
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  1. antec 520 would also be good
  2. I usually shop Tiger Direct, they have a couple Corsair units, but no Antec.

    Are those pretty much the top 2 brands I should be looking at?

    I've gone through Coolmax, Thermaltake, and Ultra... they all seem to be crap and die a year after I buy them.
  3. whats your budget ?
    seasonic is genarally the best,they make some of corsair and antec's psu's,other good company is enermax but the prices make your eyes bleed,silverstone also have some great units in the higher end,
  4. well, these crap PSU's were about $30... so i'm thinking around $75 or so for a good one?

    TD has this:
    Corsair CMPSU-600CX Builder Series CX600 for $65
  5. coolmax is total crap!
  6. other good option

    slight bit worse then the cx 600 but also cheaper
  7. wow there are some bad reviews on that one... why do you suggust that one over the corsair?
  8. its not a bad psu as such but its capable and a bit cheaper but if you want the corsair get the corsair the cx series is an ok budget brand
  9. tx sries is a step up but the old tx series is seriously dated with the release on the txV2
  10. now why is this series better then the old TX and the current CX version? I'm learning about PSU's :)
  11. technology never stands still there are always newer and better coming out the old tx series was released in 07 back then they were great value but as things move on psu's become cheaper and better soon other companies were releasing better psu's at the same competitive price bracket

    this year corsair released the new tx v2 series with better stability efficiency and better regulation at the same or near same price as the old tx series its replacing

    the cx series is corsairs foray into the budget market for the average joe on a tight budget to get a decent psu so the level of quality was adjusted to reflect the target market

    comparing te cz units and tx units is mostly tempreture but there are other factors,the cx series is rated to provide its rated output at 35c which is reasonable for the target market
    where as the higher end tx and hx and ax units are rated at 50c,but as with all pc parts we know heat is a huge factor in stability and degradation in quality

    the cx also only features a 2 year warranty as opposed to the tx 5 year and hx/ax 7 year warranty periods
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