Gtx 460 sli dual monitors

i have been doing a lot of research and settled on a gtx 460 768mb. it suits my needs perfectly. i will pair it with a i7 870. i have just learned that when u use dual monitors, ur gpu wont idle? has heat issues? so i was wondering if this problem is solved by sli? and if so. would it be better to upgrade to say a, i7 950. will have to add an xtra 160$ for 2nd gpu approx 40$ for x58 board, and maybe 40$ extra for ram. so in essence 240$ extra bucks for lower idle temps and an extra couple of years of viability. just wanted some opinions. thx
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  1. As both cards have to be plugged into the primary card SLi won't help neither will an i7 or more RAM or an X58 motherboard. The higher idle clocks is simply a result of the GPU having to do more work to run two screens at the same time.
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