Geforce 7950 with Sony Bravia display

I have an XPS 1710 with a Geforce 7950 GTX and a KDL-26L5000 Sony Bravia L Series display. I just replaced the hard drive, it would display 1920x1200 on the Sony display. Now that I have put the new drive in, and thus reinstalled Windows, it will not go over 1366x768. It will however display 1920x1200 if I switch to the laptops built in screen. In the Nvidia control panel, if I set it to either both screens, or the Sony only, it will max out at 1366x768, but if I switch to the laptop screen only, it will go to 1920x1200. I tried two driver versions (including the newest) with no luck. Windows update did not help either. Anyone have any ideas as to what is happening or how to fix it? Thanks!
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  1. Your TV is a 720P TV with a max resolution of 1366 x 768! How it displayed higher resolution before I don't know.
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