What is a good motherboard that can use these CPUs?

Hey, I'm looking for a motherboard that can use the: AMD Phenom™ II X2 555 Black, but I also want to be able to upgrade the board to newer chips when I get the money like X4s. (Currently I am building my first ever PC (I'm a mac guy but want to play some new PC games)), so what are some good boards in the $80 range? Also, will this CPU with an okay ($60) graphics card be able to run ARMA2?
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  1. o1die said:

    That mother board seems awesome. I like that you can overclock CPUs with it and unlock extra cores. But... can I use 2 video cards at a time? It says it has 2 PCI, I think so what does that mean? And would any video card work on this board or do I have to find one with a certain connector?

    Also, I was looking at...


    but this one is not as good because you can't unlock extra cores, right?
  2. The one I recommended has extra pci-e slots and sata 6 support, which is good for ssds, not to mention a newer chipset. It's worth the extra money. But it doesn't have usb 3.0. I haven't used any devices yet that can take advantage of it, but you may want it. In your price range, my board is better, and has good bang for the buck.
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