Xfx 5830 glitching need some help

Bought a xfx 5830 to replace msi 4850 , I know people say the 5850 far superior but I opted for this since I want moderate gaming.

All right well when I fist installed it took a couple times to boot it up , then installed the drivers and such.

First game I tried was GTA 4 and I know it's more cpu dominated none the less I got some flashing blue screen ripping on and off also some grey screen ripping on an off as well. BTW 55fps then drop to 20 or 18. On my 4850 that this replaced the frames were 45 then droped to 27 to 29.

I read up a bit and found out people were pointing at the memory clock as the culprit so I used the auto tune in ccc to oc the card it came out with 890/1100.

Dont see the blue or grey anymore at all , but on the desktop i will catch an occasional vertical rip of no color just like a rip you would see from high fps without vsync enabled.

I've ran Kombuster and that seems to run perfect with only 20% usage of the Cpu. All right here's the tricky part in GTA 4 and whenever the cpu is of high usage the fps of the card drop dramatically by up to 30 fps until the cpu usage lowers down.

Same as in dragon age origins, high cpu usage low framerate, low cpu usage high framerate , and the framerate is erratic 30-+ at any time.

As we speak the desktop just now flashed an almost imperceptible red flash of the entire screen. :|

So this is leading me to believe that is must be a psu wattage problem or the card itself.

This is the psu i bought a while back and am currently using http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817702003

Either it's the card or the psu and I can't see it being my cpu or my ram clockings.

Also forgot to mention when I try to run 3dmark vantage it flashes to black on the screen then about a minute later says driver failed.

Any thought's and suggestion's would be highly appreciated.


phenom II 940 OC@ 3.6 1.440
Gigabyte ma770-ud3 1.0 rev.
2x2gb ram generic.
xfx5830 890/1100
BFG 650w turbo

Edit just had grid running was running very smooth minimized to paste this in thread. Screen started flickering going completely white and on and off , exited out of grid and has stopped doing that now..... just went crazy with white screen flashing thought it was gonna crash managed to set the clocks back to 800/1000 then it set the clocks at 157/300 and seems to be stable at desktop.

BTW phenom II is pulling 206watts at 100% according to siosandra arthmetic test.
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  1. Sounds like either overheating or driver issue. What are the temps when the fps plummets in GTA4 or DA: O? You could try using Driver Sweeper...
  2. temps never went above 55 , and i'm just rmaing it through new egg gonna try something else , practically no one bought this card so.. wtf was i thinking haha.
  3. Went ahead an tried it again even though my rma was already approved , swept all the drivers with sweeper, popped the card in had the ripping grey blocks and white screen even before booting into windows so said the hell with it and packed it back up gonna mail it today , already ordered a gtx 460 which had better performance than this by far even on par with the 5870 in a lot of cases so oh well and cost the same as well ^.^.
  4. Guess it was the card. But just so you know, the 460 1gb really isn't even close to the 5870... The 470 only occasionally beats it.
  5. Thanks for the help.
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