First Boot and 2500k reads 180 degrees at setup.

Hi guys I just built a new computer. I've never built one be fore so I could have possibly messed up the install of the cpu. Before I booted I was struggling to but my computer because I had forgotten to plug in the cpu power cable so on the very first boot I go to the setup screen and I see the temperature of the cpu is 180 degrees. All the fans work so I'm thinking it could be that I may have messed up the heat sink when I was struggling to find out what was keeping the computer from booting.

Right when I saw the temperature I turned the computer off because I knew that's too hot.

My system:
i5 2500k
GTX 460 SE
600w Thermaltake
4gb ddr3 1333.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Check did you install properly the cpu cooler, altough most likely the sensors are reading wrong temps because the system shuts down if the cpu goes above 100c, not to mention the cpu would probably melt at that temp. :D The temp readings should fix after you install all the drivers. There is no way a properly working cpu would reach those temps with a correctly placed heatsink and without any overclocking or messing with the BIOS.
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