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Which 460 1gb should i get?

about a month ago my vid card died and i started researching vid cards, at that time i decided on the MSI cyclone 460 1gb due to hearing allot of great stuff about its quite and effective cooler.

now with money in hand to buy my new vid card I see the new MSI hawk and great reviews of it but cant find a direct hawk vs cyclone review.

heat was likely the reason my old card died so a good cooler is important to me but i dont would the sound of a jet engine next to me. so anyone know if the hawk cooler is on par or better then cyclone? as well as the other card features?

so in short which one? (or is there an even better 460 card i am not aware of?



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  1. The Hawk is the best GTX 460 but you would certainly be wise to wait a few days for the release of the HD6000 cards. From the leaks the HD6850 should be better than the GTX 460 and probably cheaper as well.
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    Well, what about your case? Is it mid or mini tower?
    As long as you have good airflow inside your case then it's okay to use any GTX460, that card isn't produce a lot amount of heat like GTX470 or GTX480...

    But, from 2 options above, I would go for the 2nd one, GTX HAWK, it allow you to control the voltage, make this card is a superb OCing card, you can OC it very high... :)

    Note that both of cards has many good reviews and heat shouldn't a problem.
  3. The Asus TOP 460 looks interesting also:

    I'm waiting myself to see how the 6850 and 6870 compare also. Hoping the 6870 will come out in a shorter pcb.
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