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Hello, how can i install video card with no signal in the monitor? Can someone help me please.
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  1. This might surprise you, but we have no idea what parts you are talking about. We know nothing about the mobo, GPU, monitor, etc. If you fill us in with these parts that seem familiar to you because you've been messing with them for awhile we might be able to help you.
  2. I have the feeling that the OP has inserted the card into the rig and is not being able to get the monitor to work so he can't see the drivers he wants to install with the card.....

    Well in anycase before you inserted the card into the system was it connected to the onboard VGA of the rig?
    If the answer is yes, then remove the monitor cble from the new card and put it back onto the VGA of the Mobo, boot the system, get into bios, change the VGA adapter to PCI or PCIe , save and reboot, keep pressing del to get into the bios, I guess you'll not be seeing anything on the screen, so, just remove the monitor cable from the onboard vga to the new card that you inserted into the board.
    You'll get a display, if yes, continue to boot in safe mode, let it get the new hardware and reboot
    Under the usual windows insert the driver disk and install the new GPU drivers....
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