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I am building a system for the first time and have been waiting around for a couple of months for the graphics cards to be released. I was going with an intel build and was going to wait for sandy bridge. However i have changed my mind and will build amd, which will allow a bit more money to spend on gpu and to get a ssd. I would appreciate some feedback on build and any suggested improvements would be welcome. Oh and i will be attempting to oc.

Phenom x6 1055t

Crosshair IV formula

4gb corsair dominator pc312800 1600mhz

Noctua nhd14 cpu fan

2tb samsung spinpoint eco hd

gtx 570

60GB OCZ Technology Vertex 2E, 2.5" Sandforce SSD

650W Corsair CMPSU-650TXUK TX psu
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  1. I assume this is going to be a gaming rig. What is your budget? So far, it looks like you're off to a good start. You will get better performance from the F3 or F4 series of drives. The eco series spins at 5400 rpm to conserve power.

    Your CPU fan might be a bit overkill unless you are planning an extreme overclock. If you are going for value, a $90 HSF might not be the way to go. The cooler master 212 at $30 is a great value HOWEVER on an i870, temps were 10C cooler with the Noctua so the choice it up to you. Read this tom's review,2535.html
  2. Yes will be a gaming rig but also some video editing. And just as much of a all rounder as possible. I was going to go with a cheaper board like Asus M4A87TD EVO, AMD 870, S AM3, but thought with money id save from the intel build i should buy a better board, not sure if that is overkill though. I will look at the other hard drives. And the cooler is a bit over the top i suppose. What about the 570, im not sure if i should just get a gigabyte soc 460 which i heard has the power of a 470. Or should i just get a amd card.
  3. Also is this case any good. Coolermaster CM-690 II Advanced Dominator?
  4. If you are going to do video editing, you may want to look at nvidia cards. a lot of video editing software makes use of nvidia's CUDA technology.

    That case looks pretty good to me. If you are going to be purchasing from newegg, you may want to look at combo deals. You can usually find a good case as part of a combo deal with one of the parts you have already selected and save some money.

    Yes, the motherboard is probably overkill if you are not going to be running a triple xfire rig. Something like this ASUS board will be just as good. It still has the ability to run Crossfire and has USB 3.0 and 6Gb/s SATA.

    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO $144

    ONE NOTE: AMD chipsets will only work with Crossfire (Meaning AMD graphics cards) a single Nvidia card will work just fine in them if you wish to take advantage of CUDA for video editing, you just won't be able to drop in a second card later. To use SLI with an AMD processor, you will need an nvidia chipset which are generally not recommended.
  5. Ok thanks. I wanted to go amd with sli which took me weeks to decide, only to find out what you said, i guess you cant have everthing. Thats the prob i like the amd route, but like nvidia cards.

    I was gonna get a 460 then add another later, now thats not a option i thought one 570 should be good for while. Im in UK so will look for some combos, im not sure if newegg ship to UK.

    Do you think 1055t is good as i have heard it overclocks fairly easily. Or should i go with 1090t
  6. Unfortunately, I don't think ships to the UK. I'm not sure what sites are good for you. Look around the forums, I know there are lots of other threads with people ordering in the UK.

    Either processor you have should overclock just fine. Personally, I just ordered the 1090t on monday because it is a black edition which means that I can adjust the multiplier to overclock it and not have to worry about anything else (even though I'll probably tweak other things anyways). To overclock the 1055, you will have to raise the FSB which will also work just fine. There are plenty of guides out there showing both ways. Sometimes the theory is that the higher the stock speed of the processor, the better it will overclock. This is not always true as was recently proved by the release of the 1100T which didn't perform any better.

    The 570 will definitely hold you on gaming a while. It is a great card.
  7. Ok thanks for your help. Im gonna wait a little longer to see if any christmas price drops are coming, then get building. Cheers.
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