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Alright so my new Cyberpower just arrived today. I foolishly only got a 30gb SSD and a generic 7200 500gb hard drive. Now I have a raptor from a previous computer. Currently 7 is installed on the 7200 Hard drive. My question is between the three drives where is the optimal install for the OS? I'm thinking of reformatting the raptor and putting it in my new system and installing windows on that and putting the 500gb that has 7 on it now back in my old system. Thoughts?
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  1. The SSD. It's not even close.
  2. windows 7 depending on the version can take up more than you ssd has space.

    But i doubt you have enterprise, so if you have 7 home premium should be fine. But you won't be able to put any games on it, maybe pong, or some 10 year old 100 mb game :D
  3. I'd think the 30GB SSD would be OK if you made sure to redirect your Users folders to one of the storage drives.

    I think Win7 will take 15-20 GB, and you'll use up that extra 10 or so with programs, but if you keep your documents and music elsewhere, you should be OK.
  4. The only thing a 30 GB SSD is really good for is the OS. Windows 7 takes around 16 GB. You might be able to fit a couple of standard programs (i.e a browser), but that's about all you'd fit on it.
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