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A couple of weeks ago my PC started acting up it would not start all i got was a single long beep. It seemed the solution was to take out the HDD SATA lead and replace it and the PC stated up okay. And would run okay until i switched it off. I thought that the problem was the motherboard. But after a few experiments i noticed that if i took out one of the memory sticks and replaced it the PC started up okay.

So i think the problem may be the memory, is there a free or at least inexpensive memory tester that will test my memory.

My system specs
Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Processor Type: AMD X2 250
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3
Operating System Windows XP Pro SP2
System RAM: 2Gb
Video Card Manufacturer: Nvidea
Video Card Model: Gforce 8400 GT
Video Card RAM: 1GB
Video Card Driver Version: Latest Driver
Sound Realtek onboard Latest Driver
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  1. If you can get the computer to boot with the faulty memory, either by itself or with other memory installed, try the memory diagnostics available here:

    Standalone memory test hardware varies widely in quality and generally costs at least $500-$1000. The best inexpensive ones may be the ones sold by:

    The first 3 are better than the last, but all should be tried until the fault is discovered.
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