Motherboard causing slow boot times?

So I just built my PC and it take like 3 minutes for it to get to the windows loading screen, most of which I am looking at a picture from ecs about my board, afrter that the hd loads quickly than windows comes up. My build is

Motherboard: ECS p67h2-a2
CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: MSI GTX 560Ti Hawk
HD: WD 1TB Black caviar 6 gb/s 64mb cache
Memory: Corsair vengeance (8gb)
PSU: Corsair tx850w

Maybe the bios settings aren't ideal? I looked and I didn't see any problems but I am not a bios expert by any means.

Not sure if something else could be causing it or what the deal is, but it is a new build and only has windows and skyrim on it so I would think it should boot a lot faster?
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  1. Mine boots up in 15 seconds with an ssd. Remove the board battery for a few seconds and start over with your bios settings. Maybe the bios is checking for a device you don't use.
  2. Could I just reset the bios in the bios screen or is the battery removal a better way to reset?
  3. You can try loading the default settings first. But if that doesn't work, remove the battery. Also be sure the "fast boot" setting is enabled in the bios.

    why did you open two threads for the same issue.......???
  5. Ya, thats my bad I was trying to decide where to put it and had 2 tabs open one in each area and hit transmit on one, moved on and came back later and saw that it didn't post (at least I thought it didn't) so I hit transmit again...I will chalk it up to me being pretty damn dumb sometimes
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