ASUS A8M2N-LA = i have this desktop from a yardsale last night. i opened it up and the contents still look good. the only problem is that it doesnt have a hard drive yet and the graphics card is onboard integrated. i could find a sata hard drive for less than $30 at ebay. but i want to upgrade the graphics card. this mobo has PCIEx16 slot. is this compatible with PCI E2.0x16 graphics cards? or should i just stick to looking for PCI Ex16 graphics cards? because at ebay, most cards available are PCI E2.0x16.

please help. thanks.
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  1. Pci-e 2.0 is backwards compatible with Pci-e 1.1, but it might bottleneck.
  2. oh thanks for that fast reply. im not looking for a fast graphics card anyway. just enough to run a PC and play counterstrike and call of duty on minimum resolution. im restoring it just for downloading purposes. its gonna be turned on 24/7.
    its a compaq presario from HP.
  3. flaminggerbil, whats the best graphics card you can recommend for this kind of motherboard that will take it to the max without bottlenecking? im looking for one in ebay. thanks for the help.
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