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hi all, hoping you can help me with this but i recently got a brand new pc (self build), and got an i5 760 and was worried about the temps so got hwmonitor and even under idle its about 40-45, and when doing prime 95 it has hit temps of 98 :/ which i know is way too high. im looking at getting a corsair h50 in the near future, would you guys reccomend this or something ese?
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  1. What is your room temperature ? Also you need good airflow in your case to get the hot air out of it. Also tell us how far are you planning to overclock, if you arent going to OC it to the max you can get a cheaper cooler like the Hyper 212 plus [and no, i dont mean it isnt meant for OCing, the Hyper 212 plus is still a good cooler for overclocking but there are better air coolers] .
  2. i have no idea about room temp :/ but i'd say on the chilly side, and yeah i am planning to overclock which is why i was looking at getting the h50 after a friend reccomended it to me.
  3. To help you we need to know what Case & CPU cooler you are presently using.

    The rest of your system specs would help too,
  4. Well ok, a h50 would cool your cpu pretty nicely, a Noctua NH-D14 would cool it even better, altough its huge and would require a big case. So, what is your case ? Both coolers are good but the Noctua is the king IMO. ;D If you have the space in the case you should get it, its the best air cooler out there and it performs better than the h50.
  5. i have:
    Asus P7P55D-E LX Motherboard
    i5 760 (stock cooler)
    Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 DIMM 240-Pin 1600Mhz CL9
    ATI Radeon HD5670
    Alpine 550W PSU 120mm Red Fan
    1010B Black Midi Case No PSU
    some old-ish maxtor 160gb sata hdd (taken from old pc)

    i know the case and psu are a bit *** lol but im looking to upgrade psu in a few months when i get some more money
  6. OK theres your problem right there, you need a much better ventilated case, and an after market cooler these would suite if ur on a budget.



    So save your cash that you were going to spend on the H50 and get the above instead.
  7. after looking into it, im prob going to go for the coolermaster 430 case, with 3 fans (side, rear, and top (along with the stock one at the front)) and get a heatsink as well. do you guys think it will be adaquate (or however you spell it :P)
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