Changing Motherbaord on Packard bell X5620uk (M3720)


i have a packard bell x5620uk (M3720), i am possibly wanting to replace the current motherbaord inside the machine which is:ECS MCP73PVT-PM Intel Socket 775 Motherboard Revision 1.0,, the reason for wanting to upgrade this motherboard above is because it seems to be pretty old & is in some of the older packard bell models. Also i would appreciate if people could give their opinions as to whether the current motherboard (ECS MCP73PVT-PM Intel Socket 775 Motherboard Revision 1.0) in my machine is good or not as it is a Generic Motherboard.

I am wanting to replace the current motherboard with: Gigabyte EG41MFT-US2H S775 DDR3 Motherboard,,

If i installed in a new motherboard into my machine would i need to re-install Windows 7 as i the version of Windows 7 installed on my packard bell x5620uk (M3720) is the OEM version, if so would i able to use the windows 7 product key on the COA (certificate of Authenticity)


ECS MCP73PVT-PM Intel Socket 775 Motherboard Revision 1.0

any answers/opinions would be appreciated
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  1. If the windows product key was issued by packard bell, then the answer is probably no. Those oem windows installations are usually proprietary to the system manufacturer. If you purchased the windows coa, then you can phone microsoft to reactivate, though some oem windows 7 cd's are only good for one installation. If you are going to continue using the same cpu, then I recommend against changing the old board. You won't gain that much performance wise for the potential headaches.
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