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Problem with GT 240

Hey I recently got a brand new computer from a computer shop. It came pre-assembled and I installed windows 7 fine but I have a problem with the GFX card. When I install the drivers of the nvidia website, I can't go to the desktop, there is usually a brightly coloured screen and the comp restarts. When I install drivers off the disc everything works until the computer randomly freezes with some funky colours on the screen. How do I fix this? Has this happened to anyone before?
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  1. Sounds like a faulty card.
  2. I'm not sure wtf is happening but when I try and copy anything the computer crashes with a pink screen. Its heaps weird.
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    If you have just bought it then take it back to the place you bought it from and demand satisfaction, there is no point in messing about with hardware or software changes for something you've just bought.
  4. Thanks guys, I'll try and let windows install drivers. IF that doesn't work then I'll take it back.
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