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i am going to buy an i7 2600k cpu and dont know which mobo to buy.
i want a motherboard having atleast 8 ram slots and 2 pcie ex slots,plz tell me guys,
i have another question that i will install my two graphics cards on that 1: quadro 1800fx and nvidia geforce gtx 590,will they both be compatible together on any board or not !!! plz guide
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  1. There are NO boards with 8 ram slots. Period.

    If your stuck with 8 x 1GB sticks I suggest you buy a new ram kit.
  2. 8 Ram slots?! I'm just curious why you'd want 8 ram slots? I'm fairly certain there are no boards with 8 ram slots oO DDR 3 is like 60 bucks for a dual kit of 2 x 4 gb. with 4 slots you could have 16 gigs for like 120 bucks??? Even that seems like overkill to me. I get by with 8 for gaming and 3d modelling. I am IT but I work at an aerospace company.

    IF you mean to install two graphics cards in SLI they have to be the same model type.
    If you mean to switch between your gaming and 3d modelling setup you might actually find that the gtx590 outperforms the quadro 1800fx depending on the software you use and type of modelling you do. I found this was the case for me as I occasionally work with smaller assemblies in catia and similar programs.

    I've tried using the nview profiles to switch cards but its always been wonky for me.

    I'm not sure if either of these boards suit your purposes but they are two popular i7 boards right now and I made comments on both of them. Might give you some insight.
  3. my main purpose is high detail modelling and rendering,thats why i want to build a pc with 2600k,the dual graphic cards and ram 8*8gb or 8*4 gb (depends on my budget and mobo) .
    if u have any other options for my purpose then u can suggest me
  4. Your only option is 4 dimm slots. I'd recommend a Z68. Asus or Asrock.
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