New pcie card to replace old agp 6600

I am looking to replace my old pc, currently i have a geforce 6600 agp, which plays halflife/stalker nicley. will be upgrading to an i5-760. What graphics card should i use to get the same or better perfomance? will also be wanting to run at full hd currently am at 1248x1024.
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  1. for 1280x1050 or 1248x1024 get a 5670 HD, it'll handle any of the modern games quite easily on that resolution
  2. ^ +1 the 5670 should you you quite well and will give you great performance compared to a 6600
  3. Thanks guys, i'll probably go for a 5770 then so i have a little headroom.
  4. Based on his resolution a HD5770 or GTS450 is likely to be overkill.
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